For those of you who may be unfamiliar with our clothing range, I thought I’d give you a little bit of background.  Skibo Australia is based in the heart of Western Victoria where the chilly southerlies blow.


I started designing and manufacturing my winter skivvy range in 1998.  At that time there was a real gap in the fashion market for a smart-casual skivvy suitable for town or country wear, work or pleasure. I believed it had to be smart, durable, comfortable and fashionable. I liked to wear classic designs, in current colours and patterns, yet couldn’t find any.  I believe that clothing is not only an expression of fashion but also of lifestyle.


So I follow my instincts and each year we create a unique range of designer skivvies in patterns which cater for you – from the fashion conscious to young at heart. Where you wear our skivvies is only limited by your imagination. Our skivvies are so versatile and are perfect for day, evening, sport, leisure, warmth and fashion. Any situation, they will fit.


Over the past ten years, we have adhered to strict production methods and only use the highest quality fabrics.  All design and manufacturing is done in Australia and we are very proud of this. We believe we produce a high quality garment with a combination of distinct style and function.  This commitment to our customers is as strong today as it was a decade ago.

Good value is the key to all things in life and Skibo Australia is committed to continuing that tradition.

Helenmary Macleod


You were born an original… don’t wear a copy.

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